Limpets- Hardened by nature

Fiddler crabs- Hot stuff

Starfish- Sticky feet

Nautiloids- The forgotten ones

Cuttlefish- Where are you now?

Copepods- Jump for joy

Barnacles- All together now

Bryozoans- Welcome to the colony

Chinese mitten crabs- Long distance crawling

Elegant anemone- Clone of my own

Flatworms- Living without a heart

Shipworms- Shiver the timbers

Dog whelks- Digging deep

Larvaceans- Home owners

Lugworms- Buried alive

Crabs- Is this going to hurt?

Sponges- The way you move

Sea urchins- Swiss army jaws

Christmas island- Crab out of water

Mantis shrimp- Hitting hard

Vampire squid- Ancient and blood thirsty (for oxygen)

Box jellyfish- For your eyes only