Hello and welcome to ‘Our world under the waves’. IMG_3327

As you may have guessed, this is a blog about the animals, plants and other associated lifeforms who live in the sea. If, like me, you enjoy nature documentaries such as Blue Planet then you will feel right at home here. But don’t worry if your experience with science and nature is limited, each article is written to be as accessible as possible to a wide range of audiences. 

In line with this idea, I have written each article with two sections.

The first is about a particular organism that lives in the sea. These can range from the popular and awe inspiring to the obscure, but interesting creatures that get very little time in the spotlight. Even the legendary Sir David Attenborough has only so much screen time at his disposal.

The second section of each article is titled ‘From a human perspective’, to demonstrate how the oceans and its inhabitants impact our lives and vice versa. Sometimes, these interactions between people and nature are positive, at other times they are not so much. In some cases, I have found them to be bizarre and unexpected. 

I write each article in this way because sometimes it is easy to forget, or overlook the strong link between our lives and the seas which make up 71% of the planet we live on. And with the natural world under threat from human activities, such as climate change, pollution, overexploitation and so on, we cannot afford to undervalue even the farthest corners of the ocean.

But whatever your reasons for finding this blog, I hope you enjoy reading my articles and that they leave you more passionate and intrigued about our world under the waves.